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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April 03, 2019

[Xiomi MI] sport bluethooth earphones Basics launch in India

[Xiomi MI] sport bluethooth earphones Basics launch in India

In  increasing technology earphones comes with a
wireless technology therefore we Introduce you the Xiomi's MI sport bluethooth earphones Basic. These earphone recently launched in India in very  affordable price but there are many other options available on market. But these is the wireless earphones of Chinese tech leader Xiomi MI is the well known and favorite tech brand in India also.
[Xiomi MI] sport bluethooth earphones Basics launch in India
Xiomi MI sport bluethooth earphones  

The xiomi MI sport bluethooth earphones comes with a lot of features that you never seen before such as Sweat-proof therefore water and sweat can't harm to these device and you use these earphones everywhere and anytime. It has Bluetooth 4.1 version that is also highlighted features of these earphone. The MI  sport Bluetooth earphones Basics give you a 9 hours of battery performance when it will completely charged. The thin, and narrow comfortable designing fitted easyly in your pocket or in bags.

Xiomi MI sport bluethooth earphones Basics Design :-

It has adjustable ear hook that prevent earphones falling and gives you a better stability during exercises and other hard works, so these Bluetooth earphones doesn't fall anywhere. Therefore the Xiomi MI earphones gain a lot of marks in it's design. The MI offers a five different types pairs of ear tips that gives you a comfortable felling and company allowed to choose there comfort size's ear tips. The Xiaomi MI earphones are made up from best quality of plastic and it is durable too. It available in White and black colour options.

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Features and specification :-

Xiomi MI bluethooth earphones comes with Bluetooth version 4.1 which is a faster and sefer bluethooth version in it's segment. These wireless earphones allows you to control and change your audio playlist with its multiple buttons. It has LED indicator that indicats you every action. You can ON/OFF your earphones, increase/decrease volume with tthe help of it's built in remote. A tight coat prevent ththe water inside of micro USB port from which you can charge these earphones very fast.
Sweat proof
Sweat proof design

The MI sport Bluetooth version 4.1 earphones basic is automatically connect with previous paire devices when you're turn these ON. some people like these feature and some people don't but these is the best feature.

Sound quality and battery performance :-

When I use these earphones I was shocked because it's sound performance iis really really good you can also use these earphones on daily basis and it gives can't trouble you in any feature. According to gameplay of PUBG MOBILE it gives a satisfying audio quality in any type like Gun firing, foot steps, vehicle noice, teammate voice, etc. are very clear and adjustable.

The Xiomi MI bluethooth earphones gives you a nearly 9 hours of battery life withe it's 120mAH Li-ion battery technology. In medium uses it give about 5-6 hours of battery performance and in hard uses it gives still 3-4 hours of battery life which is a great thing in these segment. It take less than 2 hours to fully charged you can charge it by micro USB port situated at middle.

Buy from amazon
Buy these earphones 

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Pricing and availability :-  

The Xiaomi MI sport Bluetooth earphones Basic available on amazon worth Rs. 1,499/- which is a pretty good thing. These complete package of features like water proof, long battery performance, better sound quality, etc. etc. But there also other options available on market.

Monday, March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019

[Best 5] Hidden spy camera in 2019 available on amazon

[Best 5] Hidden spy camera in 2019 available on amazon

In order to stay Focus on our child, parents, girlfriend, etc. we generally use an Agent but in 2019 Spy cameras or Hidden cameras are widly use to do these task. In Homes, offices, businesses, school and colleges without physically present we get clear and wide angles Videos and pictures easily with the help of these Spy cameras. While searching for a best hidden cameras it is deficult to search these camers in Cheap price, best video quality and long battery performance these  are the charcters to find a best Spy camera in 2019. Don't worry about these because we introduce the Best 5 Spy (Hidden) cameras in 2019 for better video quality and battery performance.

[Best 5] Hidden spy camera in 2019 available on amazon
Best 5 hidden cameras in 2019

People's buy these Hidden spy camera to tress and see there childs, nanny, GF, BF, etc. Some people buy for see there pet's when they not present at home, some people buy for Security reasons, etc. etc.
But note that please don't use for spamming anyone like in bathroom, washrooms.

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Note : These Spy cameras you can control and see all activities by your smartphone just pairing it with these hidden camera.

#1.  IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera with 2 Mode Recording

After assemle it into plug you can use these camera as charger adapter and it looks like only charge adapter not as Hidden spy camera. You can see everywhere you can but you don't see live footage in your smart because it supports only SD card upto 128GB. It stoare all footage or video in SD card which you placed inside.
IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera with 2 Mode Recording.
IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera 

With the help of IFITech Hidden spy camera you can record 1080P (HD+) color  video with its altra wide 90degree angle view and clear audio recording on your micro SD card.

Whenever it will sense any kind of movement then it automatically start recording with the help of it's Smart motion dection mode just turn it ON and save your lot of memory space.
How to use ifitech hidden camera
Easy to use ifitech hidden camera 

Other Key features of IFITech Hidden Camera
  1. Simple to use -    Just plug in into power socket.
  2. Modes of recording -     Two modes viz., Loop mode and Motion dection mode.
  3. Camera megapixel -      2MP
  4. Video quality -               1080P with audio
  5. Color video -                  Yes
  6. Angle recording -           90 degree
  7. Live video View -            No
  8. SD card support -           Upto 128GB
  9. Other uses -                   Use as phone charger.
  10. Price -                            1,195/- Rs.

Buy from amazon
Buy ifitech hidden camera 

#2.  D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera 720 P Resolution with 24hrs Free Cloud Storage

These is Alexa device that comes with HD recording with Wi-Fi support and best audio recording also with the help of Night vision mode you can capture great videos in night. The DCS-P6000LH mini spy Camera comes with free mobile app so you can control and manage all setting of these spy camera on your hand.
D-link Wi-Fi Hidden  spy Camera
D-link Wi-Fi Home spy Camera 

Using Mydlink Mobile App you can access your home activities, family and monitor your work palce anywhere anytime. These Mobile App give you notifications related activities doing where you set these DCS-P6000LH mini spy Camera.
  • How to use - Just 3 Simple methods - Step first - Turn on mobile Device; Step Two – Install myDlink mobile App; Step Three - Follow given Instructions to Connect Camera with Network

More features of D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera
  1. Modes of recording - Two modes viz., Night mode and Motion dection mode.
  2. Camera megapixel -          5MP
  3. Video quality -                    720P HD
  4. Colour recording -              Yes with audio
  5. Angle of recording -           120degrees
  6. Live video View -       Yes with Wi-Fi connection
  7. Storage -                 Unlimited cloud storage free
  8. Night vision mode -           Yes
  9. Notifications -          yes (Quick alert notification)
  10. Price -                                2,439/- Rs.

Buy from amazon
Buy D-link Wi-Fi Home spy Camera

#3.  ProElite Clock with Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

Using Lizvie Mobile App you can connect your Android or iPhone devices simply scan QR code for pairing it with your device. ProElite hidden camera comes with no network limitations means you can see and control your hidden camera anywhere anytime in the World. You also see live video footage and also save them into your SD card anytime.

ProElite Clock with Wi-Fi Hidden Camera
ProElite Clock with Wi-Fi Hidden Camera 

The ProElite hidden spy camera comes with Night vision mode that gives you better performance in night because it has two IR LED set inside that gives you a HD video and audio recording upto 10 meters.
The ProElite hidden spy camera has smart LED clock that hide a Hidden camera and also increases your Home and office decorations and give you a accurate time.
So smart watch (clork) is the greate for your office, school and home and Hidden spy camera enhanced your security.

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More features of ProElite Wi-Fi Home Camera

  1. Modes of recording -   Two modes viz., Night mode and Motion dection mode. 
  2. Camera megapixel -            5MP
  3. Video quality -                      720P HD 
  4. Colour and Audio recording - Yes
  5. Angle of recording -            75degrees 
  6. Live video View -                 Yes 
  7. Micro SD support -              Yes 
  8. Night vision mode -             Yes
  9. Notifications - E-mail and push notification alert 
  10. Battery -              lithium-ion battery 2600mAh 
  11. Other uses -                       Use as smart clork 
  12. Price - 4,799/- Rs

Buy from amazon
Buy ProElite Hidden Camera

#4.  Spydo Jasoos 1080P spy camera with 5000mAh power bank

These portable power bank designe normal but it has some advance features like
Hidden spy camera and you can charge two devices at the same time. It has 1080P HD + video and audio recording camera and it is able to take deep sensing photos. These Spydo Jasoos power bank has 5000mAH battery that charge your devices and HD+ camera recording live video so these Spydo Jasoos gadget enhanced your security as well as protects your mobile, watches and other devices from thief. These power bank has thick design and light weight but hard materials perfectly fit in your pockets, bags, etc. And Spydo Jasoos hidden camera records 1080P video upto 12 hours after it has completely changed.
Spydo Jasoos 1080P spy camera
Spydo Jasoos spy camera 

More features of Spydo Jasoos hidden camera

  1. Modes of recording -   Only Motion dection mode.
  2. Video quality -                          1080P
  3. Colour and Audio recording -   Yes
  4. Angle of recording -                90degrees
  5. Live video View -             No (No Wi-Fi support )
  6. Micro SD support -         Upto 32 GB
  7. Night vision  mode -       No
  8. Battery -                       5000mAH lithium battery
  9. Other uses -      Use as 5000mAH rechargeable power bank
  10. Price -                           2,500/- Rs.

Buy from amazon
Buy Spydo Jasoos spy camera 

#5.  Universal Prime iSmart HD Mini Hidden Spy Pen

The iSmart Hidden Pen camera not only use for capturing and recording HD videos but also use for writing anything. These pen works like a Jame's Bond gadget that is great for capturing and monitoring in any conditions. For recording and watching 1080P full HD videos you can purchase these gadget. It has high capacity of battery performance because it comes with 220mAH lithium-ion technology.
Universal Prime iSmart HD Mini Hidden Spy Pen
iSmart HD Mini Hidden Spy Pen 

More features of Universal Prime iSmart hidden camera

  1. Modes of recording -      Motion dection mode
  2. Video quality -                 1080P.  i.e HD +
  3. Colour and Audio recording -  Yes
  4. Angle of recording -       75degrees
  5. Live video View -            No
  6. Micro SD support -         Upto 32 GB
  7. Night mode.-                  No
  8. Battery -           220mAH lithium-ion technology
  9. Other uses -                Used as Pen for writing
  10. Price -                           3,270/- Rs.

Buy from
Buy iSmart HD Hidden Spy Pen 

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Remember :- Please!! Don't use for spamming anyone and capturing adult videos use only for security purposes.
These hidden spy cameras available on amazon if you want to buy these gadgets then buy from a given buttons.
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019

Specifications - Huawei Watch GT with Truesleep 2.0 and Two weeks battery life

Specifications - Huawei Watch GT with Truesleep 2.0 and Two weeks battery life

Here the new watch by Huawei that is the Huawei Watch GT is recently launched in India. Huawei recently launch his Smartwatch "Huawei Watch sport edition" and now Huawei introduced his brand new watch "Huawei Watch GT". Here one thing  you shuld know about Huawei. Huawei is a Chinese company and these is world's one of the largest smartwatches and smartphone making brand. The "Huawei Watch GT" is go on sale in India through world's largest E-commers site Amazon.in starting on 19 march. These smartwatch starting with 15,990/- Rs. well these watch comes with very cheap price range.

The new smartwatch by Huawai
Huawei Watch GT

The "Huawei Watch GT" runs with Huawei's own Light OS. These watch never trouble you about charging because it comes with "2 week" battery life in single charge. Along with these smartwatch earlier customers get "Huawei Sport BT AM61 Earphones" worth Rs. 2,999/-  These earphones was offering with Huawei Watch GT for short time of period. Company provides many options that convens customer to buy these Smartwatch like free Huawei Earphones and No cost EMI options.

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Huawei Watch GT offers -

  1. Huawei gives free "Huawei Sport BT AM61 Earphones" with Huawei Watch GT worth Rs. 2,999/- for earlier customers only.
  2. Company also provides No cost EMI with these smartwatch for get more customers.

Huawei Watch GT Specifications & Highlights

Slim and Stylish smartwatch -

With it's AMOLED display (1.39 inches) and thin body 10.6 mm make "Huawei Watch GT" Slim and super stylish. If you fitness or a human who always on move then it's thin, stylish and strong body never trouble you any more.

Battery life -

Huawei Watch GT comes with 2+ weeks battery life in a single charge that why you will not take stress about running out of battery when you are doing exercises, travelling and much more.

Features of Huawai watch gt
Notifications and sport modes 

Notifications -

In these Huawei Smartwatch you get all notifications like - incoming call notification, text message notification, Alarm notification, and workout notification. With the help of "Huawei Watch GT" you also set your to-do task and goal so it can remind you.

Smart Sleep tracking -

Now with the help of inbuilt TrueSleep 2.0 gesture you can get swaet and smart sleep because it track 
your sleep and monitor your comman sleep issues. The Huawei Watch GT has inbuilt more than 200 sleep patterns to suggest and identify your sleep methods.

Sport modes and Fitness trainer -

Track your day to day workouts with Huawei Watch GT. It has 20+ workout modes like running, walking, cycling, gym, hiking and many more. These outstanding Smartwatch comes with real-time heart rate monitoring and scientific coaching.

Overview of Huawai watch gt
First look of Huawei Watch GT

Overall specification of Huawei Watch GT -

  1. ​Dimension -                 10.6 mm in thickness
  2. ​Display type -              AMOLED (1.39 inch)
  3. ​Heart rate monitor -    Yes (continues)
  4. ​Battery life -      Two weeks in single charge
  5. ​Notifications -    Incoming call, text message notification, Alarm, and workout notification
  6. Waterproof  -                Yes 
  7. ​Sleep tracking -           Yes (TrueSleep 2.0)
  8. ​Sport modes -              20+ sport modes
  9. Compatible OS -          iOS 9.0 & Android 4.4
  10. Bluetooth -                   v4.2
  11. Strap meterial -          Leather
  12. ​Name -                         "Huawei Watch GT"
  13. Available on -           Exclusively on Amazon
  14. Price.                         15,990/- Rs.

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Buy these watch from amazon
Buy Huawei Watch GT from amazon 

So these is complete review and specifications of the stunning "Huawei Watch GT".  Buy it from amazon starting on 19 march. Get free Huawei earphones and No cost EMI. If you like these review then Comment and share these article.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

February 10, 2019

Best 5 womens sandals that you should invest in 2019

Best 5 womens sandals that you should invest in 2019

To improve our personalities sandal and shoes plays an enormous role. Thus best combine of shoes that you simply wear speaks loads of regarding our temperament. Currently these year 2019 I show you high five best sandals for ladies that you simply can purchase from Amazon. Sandals is that the issue that you simply will go down Jeans, Shorts, skirts and plenty of additional garments. Sandals area unit quickly preps your vogue and people's purposes of read it continually on point.

 5 best sandals for women in 2019
 5 best sandals for women in 2019

If you are a ladies then you absolutely grasp women's are wear sandals on anywear like shorts, skirts and jeans however you observe sandals are absolutely fits in jeans. So I listed best five sandals brands that you just ought to invest in 2019. Therefore who wear jeans in day to day basis and lots of events for her these may be a right place.
So do not waist any further time let's get started --

Best 5 Women Sandal Brands to Invest in 2019 -

#1.  Senorita (from Liberty) Women's Fashion Sandals

Senorita's footwear comes with ton of comfort and matt finishing as a result of it's each bit of footwear has it's own fashion statement. Senorita's product is created from latest fashion trends that runs round the world. Once you wear these shoe then you expertise royalty feeling attributable to it's build quality and fashion trends. Unmarried woman wants an enormous assortment of heels, platforms, flats and ballerinas sandals the these whole speaks the language of favor and cozy style.
Top 5 sandals for women in 2019
Senorita Women's Fashion Sandals
Details of these product --

Brand - Sanorita 
Colour - Tan
Meterial type - PU
lifestyle - Casual 
Closure type -  Assume
Heel sort - Block heel
Heel height - One. 5 inches 
Size on the market - 3UK/India,  4UK/India, 5UK/India, 6UK/India and 7UK/India
Warranty details - Ten days manufacturing warrantee
Price - Rs. 1,631/-

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Buy from amazon
Buy Sanorita's sandal 

#2.  BATA Tricia women's Sandal

Bata could be a India's largest and no. one manufacturer of footwear could be a a part of the Bata Shoe Organization. Bata like to delighting his customers by creating best and cozy footwear. Notably fashionable and cozy combine of footwear from the industrial plant of Bata options a refined charm to form the hopeful impression in customer's heart. The combine of Bata's footwear could be a best road to outline your outfit and temperament.
Top 5 sandals for women in 2019
BATA Tricia women's Sandal

Details of those product --

Brand - BATA
Colour - Black or White
Meterial sort - Synthetic
Heel sort - Cone heel
Heel height - Two inches
Clousure type - Buckle
Size out there  - 3UK/India,  4UK/India, 5UK/India and  6UK/India
Warranty information  - Three months manufacturers warranty.
Price -  Rs.  926/- of any size.
Buy from amazon
Buy Bata sandal 

#3.  PARAGON SOLEA Women's Tan Sandals

Paragon presents these casual shoe for ladies from best Solea assortment. The Solea collection's sandals comes with regarding thirty five metric linear unit heels and 2 feature toe straps One before and another is within the back aspect. These straps is offer best grip and ton of comfort in running, walking and in any sweat. These sandal has 142 trade edition rank on Amazon and four star out of five
Top 5 sandals for women in 2019
PARAGON SOLEA Women's Tan Sandals

Details of these product --

Brand - Paragon
Colour - Tan
Meterial type -  Animal skin (Leather)
Heel type - Flat
Closure type - Buckel
Size offered - 3UK/India,  4UK/India, 5UK/India, 6UK/India, 7UK/India and    8UK/India
Warranty details - One month manufacturing warranty
Price vary- Rs. 279/- to Rs. 379/-
Buy from amazon
Buy Paragon Solea collection's sandal 

#4.  DEEANNE LONDON Women's sandal

If you're keen on to shop for fresh launch sandals then DEEANNE LONDON is associate excuse to speculate during a new combine of footwear. These whole launch its new product with least expensive value that you simply ought to invest straight away. you're keen on to require partcipate in catwalk competition, then these whole has appropriate product that provides you additional comfort and enough height from it's block size heel. There also are collections of latest shapes in heel, form of footwear that you simply can realize those on this list, among the star designs from the DEEANNE LONDON. These shoe is deliver to your destination address in precisely two days with money on delivery and if you not staying its quality then DEEANNE LONDON provides simple to come possibility.
Top 5 sandals for women in 2019
DEEANNE LONDON Women's sandal

Details of these product --

Colour out there - Beige, Black, orange, Pink and Red-leather
Meterial sort - Artificial 
Closure type - Slip on
Heel type - Block heel
Heel height - One.5 inches
Size out there - 3UK/India,  4UK/India, 5UK/India, 6UK/India and 7UK/India
Warranty details - Can't say
Price vary - Rs. 599/- to Rs. 999/-
Buy from amazon
Buy DEEANNE LONDON Women's sandal

#5.  Puma Women's Tech Cat sandal

Go trendy with smashing Puma's product. Puma product is incredibly trendy, snug still as sturdy. Jaguar is one in all the world's topest sports complete understand for planning, developing, commercialism and selling footwear. Over sixty five years, wildcat has created a history of producing quick product and styles for the quickest competitors on the world. wildcat makes best product in classes like soccer, Running, coaching and Fitness and Motorsports to supply best performance and flashy feeling.
Buy from amazon
Puma Women's Tech Cat sandal

Details of those product --

Brand - Puma
Colour available - Flame Scarlet-Puma Black
Size in market- 3UK/India,  4UK/India and 5UK/India
Meterial type - Synthetic
Heel type - Flat
Warranty details - Three months manufacturers warranty
Price vary  - Rs. 749/- to Rs. 889/-

Buy from amazon
Buy puma sandal 

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Note- Care directions - one. Ensure your try of shoes to air and de-odorize at regular basis. Two. Use shoe sacks to guard any stains or mildew. Three. mud any dry dirt from the surface employing a clean fabric four. Please don't use polish or shiner

So these is that the best five womens sandals that you just ought to invest in 2019. If you prefer it and need to shop for any sandals from given list, please purchase from given button which will placed below the product so don't be cheap to share and comment.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 27, 2019

Review - Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W | Buy Huawai fast wireless charger from amazon

Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W 

As technology will increase there quality of wireless devices additionally will increase, first come wireless communication like Bluethooth, Wi-Fi, etc. then what next? in present days wireless chargers get more popularity in IT field. The wireless charger's may be a not fanciful idea in these high-tech world specially in 2019. You recognize that factor is missing from our smartphone? once our phone able to charge with wireless charger's then our phones is absolutely be a Smartphone. Except Wireless charger our phones isn't a best Smartphone. Thats why these days we tend to see the
Huawai quick wireless charger that is recently launch and exclusive obtainable on amazon.

So don't waist ferther time let's begin -

Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W

World's new launch on of the simplest quickest wireless charger, is launch recently and offered on amazon's exclusive flagships value rupees 3,999 INR. The 15w wireless charger made by Chinese company Huawai which is a most popular brand in the world these fast charger you can get free with Huawai Mate Twenty these smartphone is professional for camera and available on amazon. Huawai created these charger with it's self-developed Supercharge technology. It's wireless and quick charging support technology build this distinctive.
Fastest charger in the world

Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W

The Huawai quick wireless charger comes with WPC qi normal authentication technology, as a result with it's advanced Qi technology charge any smartphone fast and safely. With it's 15W output is that the reason from that these is listed in world's quickest Wireless charger. Huawai offer AI feature in these charger from that it search and establish smartphones, earphones and alternative devices smartly, tracks output power mechanically, and charge any device safely and quickly.

Auto ditecton of foreign objects -
Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W
Auto detection of foreign object 

The Huawai quick wireless charger automaticly detects foreign object. Once any metal objects (keys, coins, etc.) comes to bear of those charger then it mechanically switch to avoid warming therefore don't fret regarding overheat

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Silicon body -

Smooth and cozy style. If you see below image, Huawai give Silicone body to those charger that has not solely safe however it provides best grip for your phone and your hand.

Case compatibility and safety protection

These charger charge your phone while not removing phone case. It charges directly through but up to 5mm non-metal phone.
Don't worry regarding close temperature as a result of the Huawai quick wireless charger contain a constitutional chip that may management the output power neatly in step with this battery share

Stylish design -
Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W
Thin red line and LED light 

Streamlined body with a mark skinny dimetre line driven by rock stones. That appropriate for your work place immovably, further as slot in your hand consummately.

LED indicator -

The Huawai quick wireless charger not disturb you throughout night from it's semiconductor diode indicator as a result of it's Hidden semiconductor diode style technology.

Buy these complete package of high-tech options from Amazon exclusive price rupees 3,999 only.
Huawei quick Wireless charger 15W
Buy Huawai wireless charger 

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So these is brief review of Huawai quick wireless charger that you just should purchase from Amazon. Before you buy it certify your device is Smartphone not the other previous device. If you prefer these article than I write a lot of articles regarding wireless media and alternative electronic things merely go on high of the page and choose Home menu from menu bar and see my alternative post.

If these article is helpful for you then  comment and share these article.